Monday, August 2, 2010

Review: Prison Battleship 2

To say that Prison Battleship 2 has been eagerly awaited since the first installment some three years ago is hardly to overestimate things. The game was brilliant in more ways than one and knowing this, Lilith decided to make it a little more epic to meet the expectations of the fans and made it into an anime game, just like the first one, only with twice the number of CG-scenes.

Donny Boghan is up to his old antics. The story picks up from one of the endings where Lieri and Naomi were successfully brainwashed. The Neo Terror faction is looking to spread its wings across the solar system and an important way to galactic domination is to get the Kingdom of Cordelia, an artificial planetoid world that orbits Uranus, to support the Neo Terror faction and not the New Solar Empire. To do this, Boghan has disguised himself as an Archbishop of the Cordelia Kingdom and the plan is simply to brainwash the field commander Alicia Bbyustorum (Bystorm) and her protégé, friend and future queen of Cordelia, Maya Cordelia. However, pulling this off will not be easy and Boghan enlists his sex slave Leiri who happens to be close friends with Alicia since their academy days to trick and deceive the two woman.

The story of PB2 is similar to the first game, but on a much grander scale. Boghan still has a ship, although it is in space dock, but he still performs the brainwashing there. Most of the game is however set on Cordelia so there is a great deal of environmental change unlike the first game were we pretty much were stuck on the ship. Now we get to experience such things as castles, beaches, brothels and more. It is a nice change from sterile environment of the first game, but it doesn’t really feel like the “prison” part is much in play, if you don’t refer to it metaphorically as a prison of the mind. Anyway, I like the settings, although the feeling of hopelessness imprisonment is not really there.

Many really hoped for Lieri and Naomi to have an active role in this game, but we simply have to enjoy Lieri and her supporting role in this one. A tease of the faith of Naomi is about to be hinted by Lieri when Alicia asks about her, but it gets caught off and there is sadly no more mentioning of her in the game. One can only speculate that she is entertaining a crew on some Neo terror spaceship somewhere. But in their place we get the blond bombshell Alicia and the redheaded princess Maya. I like both characters although granted; they are no Lieri and Naomi. I especially like Alicia and she is hot to break since she is the senior and the more sadistic of the two often kicking Boghan around. Of course he gets more than even with here later.

Kagami doesn’t disappoint and the artwork is in a class of its own and not only that, it contains 45 original scenes with variations and 54 in total, making this probably one of the biggest games in the CG department that Lilith has done to date. The moving animation is very nice, although I wished they could have put it in more scenes as we only get 5 in total, although two is with Lieri so fans will be appeased. I like some of the characters, but I don’t think that Maya is on pair with Naomi and Leiri, Alicia is however really good. Her maturity and flowing blond appeal is a welcomed touch. Boghans female rival, the brown skinned Kiria was also nice although she felt pretty redundant, but she still has a important role to play. The CG scenes often offers us internal cum shoots and glorious facial expressions. The Aha-faces might even be the best of any Lilith game, even better than Witch of Steel Annerose. And of course you won’t be disappointed about the voice actresses who in orderly Lilith fashion are probably the best in any eroge game you will find.

PB2 is probably all one could wish for, but I must admit that I didn’t enjoy it as much as I had hoped. The game is awesome no doubt, but I still feel that the characters were a little forced and too creative (if there is such a thing?) and the feeling of no Naomi and limited Lieri were always present when I played the game. But there is no doubt about it, this game if fantastic in every aspect and you can really see how much Kagami and Lilith have grown over the year. I would probably say that with Witch of Steel Annerose, Prison Battleship 2 is going to be in my top five eroge of 2010 easily. Now we eagerly wait for a future IZM title to expand the PB universe even more.

Score: 9/10
Kagami comes out guns blazing and Lilith gives us a twisted and enjoyable sci-fi epic with robots, spaceships, busty ladies, sadistic ladies, royal ladies, blond ladies and a whole lot of degenerating sex.


  1. I agree with your reveiw on all points although IMO Maya steals the show with her awesome first BJ scene (kudos to Kagami and her voice actress for that one) I hope the fate of Naomi is put in the IZM title this year. A lot of people seem to miss her, I'm one of them!

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