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Article: The Taimanin Asagi Saga - Part II

The Taimanin Asagi Saga - Part I

This is the second part of the article series The Taimanin Saga. In this part I am going to write mainly about Taimanin Asagi 2. As we move forward in the Taimanin timeline more and more paths are open for speculation. Questions like what has Lilith envisioned for the series and what is the canon storyline will become topics that I am going to try to pry open so that we have a good grasp of how everything has played out up to Taimanin Asagi 3. Luckily for us, Taimanin Asagi 2 is fairly straight forward just like the first game with the exception  of a few things which I will come to later in the text. Since the second game is much longer and with more in depth story, this text will be split into two parts with this being the first part. Let us continue the Taimanin Saga by going through the events of the second game in the series.

Taimanin Asagi 2
In the first TA game we are introduced to Neo Tokyo. The city was a pillar in the world of social and scientific standards. In the middle of Tokyo Bay a huge artificial island was built to become the center of the worlds commerce and a symbol of the greatness of the city itself. However, the island failed to attract business due to an economic down turn and the city island quickly became a slum and the center for organized crime. Shortly thereafter even demonic and otherworldly creatures began to show up on the island. These creatures who were previously bound by the sacred contract to not meddle in the human world have slipped through the cracks due to humanities increasing corruption. Now the island is a maroon place that can't be controlled by the government and no ordinary citizen dare to venture to it.

A year has passed from the events of the first game. Asagi is back with the Taimanin and Sakura has become a full fledge member of the organization. When TA2 begins Asagi and Sakura are conducting an investigation in Tokyo Kingdom, the manmade island in the middle of Tokyo Bay. The Taimanin are hard pressed because of the Chaos Arena scandal in which many government officials where affiliated. Now the government are reforming in order to suppress the Taimanin and control their reckless behavior. However, the Taimanin have a great ally in a man called Nobushige Yamamoto who is a powerful bureaucrat for the Japanese Defense Agency. An uncorrupted man, Yamamoto diverted funds and modernized the Taimanin organization to become and even sharper sword of justice than before.

In a safe house apartment Asagi and Sakura are contacted by Yamamoto trough a satellite uplink. It turns out the 3 Taimanin ninjas has gone missing on the island while investigating a possible terrorist organization. Asagi and Sakuras mission is to find the whereabouts of the missing Taimanin. Asagi knows no ordinary terrorist organization can kill three Taimanin so easily. To be able to move without suspicion in the streets the sisters dresses as prostitutes and begin walking the streets to gain information. While moving around Asagi finds herself without Sakura, who have gone off to get information elsewhere. Asagi is confronted by a gang called Ryuumon who thinks she is hooking up on their turf. As she can't break her cover she plays along with them, but being remodeled from a year ago makes her very susceptible. While they are feeling her up on the street she almost gives in to her urge, but not before Sakura saves her by using her shadow technique and rendering the men unconscious. The sisters then return to their hiding place. 

The following morning Asagi is contacted by Yamamoto and give her report on the Ryuumon which she thinks is the gang who runs most of the island underground business. She suspects that their influence comes from other resources but have no concrete proof and must gather more Intel.  Yamamoto then puts another Taimanin through. His name is Kurou Yatsu, a blind former ranger corps soldier that became a Taimanin. Asagi and Kurou are friends and she consider him her right arm within the Taimanin. He tells Asagi and Sakura that through his investigation he has uncovered that a cooperation called Ryuumon Capital, a seemingly legit enterprise has purchased the island in secret from the Japanese government and that they have been helped and founded by the Chinese Union.

The Chinese Union is a trade union consisting of China, Korea and central and south east Asia. Asagi realizes that she is out on the deep end as this seem to stretch to the very top of the political world stage. She is suspecting that Ryuumon Capital wants to make Tokyo Kingdom into a total lawless place to hid terrorist activities from the government. In the conversation an old name comes up, Edwin Black. Black is rumored to collaborate with America which is a superpower much like China. America now consist of both the American continents, part of south Korea and Taiwan. China and America are at each other's throats because of Taiwan and 30 years earlier a localized war had broken out between them. Following a coupe d'├ętat in China the EU intervened and manage to negotiate a fragile peace.  Asagi fears that if Black is involved he might be conspiring to provoke the peace to his advantage. And as it could not get worse Yamamoto tells Asagi that he is getting pressured by the Chinese to back off with the investigation. Yamamoto however tells the sisters that he has no plan on withdrawing from the mission.

However, realizing that the mission is top secret and there is no way that the Chinese could know, Yamamoto knows that there is a traitor within the Taimanin. Asagi is ordered to use caution, but from now on there is no need to be discreet. The sisters hit the street again to track down a local doctor who might have treated the gang members that got hurt in yesterdays brawl. When finally finding his practice one of the men walks out. After a couple of kicks to his already sore groin the man talks. He does not know anything of the Chinese Union, but he do know about the three missing Taimanin warriors saying that it was a Ryuumon assassin that took them out. Rendering the man unconscious Asagi now knows that the Ryuumon really are behind the attacks and return to the hideout.

As she walks back she suddenly feels like someone is watching her. At a market Asagi sees a young girl staring at her. When the girl approaches she immediately says "You are Asagi right?" The sisters are dumbstruck that a little girl can know who they really are. She introduces herself as Saya and as quickly as she appeared she disappears, quicker than Asagi can catch up to her. The sisters return to the hideout and contact Yamamoto. Asagi reports what the gang member said. Yamamoto clearly distressed tells them that Kurou is meeting up at the island bridge to evacuate the sisters. Apparently the public security departments computers has been hacked. The hacker was traced but disappeared into the Chinese Union before being captured. On the database are information about the Taimanin operation and the hideout. A moment later armed troop break into the room.

With Kurou's laughing face on the data screen the soldiers gets blown to smithereens by an explosive trap while Asagi and Sakura escape from the window. Now there is no reason to doubt that the Chinese Union is also heavily involved with the events on the island. Just as Asagi and Sakura is heading towards the bridge they are confronted by a demon warrior called Sokushitsuki. Asagi recognize him as a higher class of demon and he does not seem to be an ally of the combat team that just blew up. Sakura speeds ahead while Sokushitsuki and Asagi talk. He is not the one who killed the three Taimanin, but he does intend to battle Asagi, explaining that her name echoes even in the deepest reaches of hell. A fierce fight breaks out between the two with swords clashing at speeds that no normal human can perceive. The fight is dead even, but Asagi manage to break the demons sword and strike a couple of hurtful blows.

As she is distancing herself from Sokushitsuki she feels a small piercing pain from her leg and notices a small needle. Asagi reckon she does not have much time before whatever was in the needle will take effect and sprints towards the bridge. Meanwhile the wounded demon stands up and all his wounds disappear. During all this Sakura has arrived near the bridge. Taking out ten Ryuumon soldiers who laid in wait she is now searching for Kurou, but she finds something else instead. The girl from yesterday, Saya comes forth. Greeting Sakura and telling her that she knows of her because of her mistress Oboro the conversation becomes short and a fight breaks out.


When Asagi arrives Sakura is laying unconscious on the ground and Saya is waiting. Noticing that Kurou's car is speeding across the bridge Asagi tries to stall for time. Saya however transforms into a spider like monster and with a control device she detonates explosives that brings the bridge and the only way across the bay down. In rage Asagi attacks Saya and manage to wound her severely, but in shock she notices that all the wounds close rapidly and with remarkable speed Saya manage to catch Asagi in mid air and beat her into unconsciousness.

When she wakes up, Asagi finds herself in the middle of a mysteriously familiar barren wasteland. In the fading sun she sees corpses of both dead humans and demons littering the place. As she looks around she notice a shadow on top of a large pile of dead bodies. A strange female voice whispering "100 wars unbeaten, now invincible on the battlefield, without rejoice. I've lost many friends and buried tens of thousands of enemies, without anger. Hence, I do not lament and I am without hope..." When the voice dies, Kyousuke appears before her. Not believing her eyes she starts to shout at the shadow on top of the hill. All goes dark and suddenly Asagi is confronted by her demonic presence. The demon says that someone is trying to fuse Asagi and her demon self. But to rid herself of the demonic influence she has to take part in someone's dangerous plan. Again, it gets dark and when Asagi awakes she is restrained in a bizarre underground laboratory.

Both Asagi and Sakura are trapped with arms and legs merged into a wall of meat. With Sakura still out cold Asagi ponders the situation, a little while later, Saya shows up. She explains that she now will play with Asagi as part of her revenge for Oboro death a year ago. It turns out that Saya was created by Oboro, but does not delude to anything more. Now in happy spirits, Saya picks and chooses different instruments that she wants to use on Asagi. While the mad girl is preparing, Asagi asks her who her boss is and just as she finishes the question a very much alive Oboro walks into the room. Hardly believing her eyes Asagi asks how Oboro can be alive? To Oboro's enjoyment she shows Asagi that the tanks inside the laboratory contains clones and that she is not the original Oboro, but a clone grown from one those tanks. Saya is also a product of this hellish technology. Asagi is now putting the pieces together of why the Chinese have invested so much in the island. They want the human/demon hybrid technology, something which Oboro also confirm in the conversation.

With this technology the Chinese can keep up the arms race with the US and it would also start a new cold war based around demonic technology. The original Oboro's plan was to use the Nomads and Edwin Black to usurp their technology and bring it to her government. But the mission hit a snag when Asagi killed Oboro the first time 4 years earlier. Oboro was consumed with hatred and forgot her mission, thus siding with Black and trying to humiliate Asagi at the arena only to be killed again. Oboro's clone has now taken over the original mission. This version of Oboro only have the memories from before her first death and not from the her second death in the arena.

While Oboro is simply a clone with memory implants, Saya is a whole new kind of prototype weapon, created from Taimanin genes. Oboro explains that certain components are necessary to create a truly powerful weapon. She believes that if she possess the soul and will of Asagi herself she will never be defeated like her original. Knowing that Asagi has a demonic part in her she plans to draw out the demon from Asagi through submitting her and then use the new genetic material that has been created from the demonic form that Asagi will take. With this she can create a true super being. First however, she must break Asagi and thus the beginning of the second humiliating training will begin!

To be continued...


  1. Will try to finish the next part as soon as possible. That will contain the second half of the game and also questions like if IZM Nightmare is canon, if TA2 premium is canon and also some triva.

  2. Wasn't Oboro chinese as well? Or am I misremembering?

  3. Cool round up of the background and political scenario and build up to why the second game kicks off. Cant wait for part 2 of this and the variations of the canon and Trivia.
    One very minor grammatical error I notice was with the line:
    "He is not the one who killed the three Taimanin, but he do intend to battle Asagi, explaining that her name echoes even in the deepest reaches of hell"
    He do should be "....he does intend....."
    But I still get what you mean. :)

    Yeah Oboro was Chinese and if I assume correctly she wanted the demon hybrid tech for the Chinese government before Asagi killed her.Then joint Edwin Black who's working for the Americans just to get revenge on Asagi.

    1. Thanks, I appreciate the grammatical corrections since I am not a native English speaker. :)

    2. For a non-native English speaker you have above average grasp of the language.Better then my own grasp.
      Giving such an in-depth look into the story is a Perfect build up to Asagi 3 and highly appreciated.
      So,for that I thank you.

    3. so wait, you're not a native speaker of either the language you're translating it from (japanese) or the language you're explaining it to us in (english)
      A)thats badass
      B)what IS your native language then?

    4. I was born in Sweden. :)

  4. Nice article, as always. I've played this game in english, but this still being quite useful. Thanks, Odane ;)

    1. You must mean translation from Dark Translation
      is there any news regarding Dark Translation?
      I lost track of him, it is good for him to translate Lilith software, and help us much than using translation software,

      maybe Lilith worried for a pirated software?

    2. Dark Translations vanished a few years ago after the cease and desist order's from Lilith. He was making money off there product through commission.
      Either another new group would need to translate in secret like what happened with by thetsuuyaku.
      Personally I hope JastUsa/g-collections or Mangagamer or maybe a newer company could translate these games in a more official capacity. I would definitely spend money on hard copies or digital then knowing I am helping support the producers and bring more dark eroge in the west. But would fear/not be sure of the feminist and legal backlash this would involve for a company to do so. But it seems there is a market for this genre of product.

    3. I'd like to think that somewhere out there Nephrinn is jerking off to the TA3 CG's at this very moment ;)

      Also, if memory serves, Nephrinn did work in secret for a while. He migrated to one of those chat sites - can't remember the name - and did some translation there. But it didn't last.

    4. Thank you Murderous Int for information about thetsuuyaku

      I hope there is more people like him.

    5. And Nephrinn

    6. if there is a dark game from wich we can hope to get a translation is this, just for the fame and the fact that tyhe 2 firts were translated helps

      PD: i was thinking and maybe aoi nagisa will include hers (she is a she right?) caracthers in some kind of bonus, like in some others lilith games

    7. Neph did an excellent job translating both TA1 and TA2. Now when I write the articles I use both the English and the Japanese version to go through the story. Some of the things that are in the English version does not fit the exact description of what is said, but are close enough to represent the meaning of a sentence.

      I had contact with Neph when he worked in secret, but suddenly he just vanished. I don't know what happened to him and have not heard from him since. :(

  5. Thanks so much! Looking forward to more!

  6. very well done and detailed
    i have to say besides from Kangoku Senkan, Taimanin Asagi has to be the only tittle from Lilith to get a sequel

  7. Taimanin Asagi is best of Lilith titles from the look of it.

  8. i know lilith titles have 2 release dates, and i think asagi 3 has and official release date of 12/28/2012, but is there an earlier release like digital version premium or something?