Friday, March 30, 2012

News: Nobushito Black IZM update

Nobushito's IZM title is being showcased on Liliths' site. The title Nobushito Black is featuring, as the name implies only black titles. This is the eight IZM title from Lilith and it seems that Misao is the main feature in this one. The other titles are the teacher student eroge, Ore to Saeko-san to netorare mail and the fantasy themed Magical Girl Fairy Knights. The special edition Nobushito Black Box will also include the original three games.

Personaly I am very excited for this IZM title. Nobushito has impressed me these past two years and Misao is an excellent title. I did not care so much for the other two and only played through them once. And with this IZM title before us and the light Lilith title Haganekara no Ai behind, is it possible that the next game will be Asagi 3?

Nobushito Black IZM game will be out April 27

Friday, March 16, 2012

Mini-Review: Steel Shelled Love

Original Title: 鋼殻のアイ~潜在意識へのメス豚刻印~
Romanji Title: Haganekara no Ai - Senzai ishiki he no mesu buta kokuin
Translated Title: Steel Shelled Love - The subconscious mind is changed into that of a female pig
Company: Black Lilith
Artwork: ZOL
Writer: Masaki Sonoda

Fujisaki Ai is a highly trained special investigation officer who works for a anti-crime organization known as O.C.S.A.T, Organized Crime Special Assault Team. Equipped with nano-technology and the latest weapons they represent the best Japan has to offer against the war on crime. However, a criminal group known as Sacrifice is currently stirring up trouble. Women all over the country, singers, pop stars, actresses and politicians are disappearing and suddenly showing up as high end prostitutes...willingly. The master mind behind this evil is a man called Trainer X, who brainwashes the victims and make large sums of money on either extortion, trafficking and prostitution. Fujisaki is tasked with infiltrating the group and bring an end to Trainer X, but with sudden betrayal she finds herself in his hands. Can she resist and apprehend Trainer X or will she turn into a first-rate whore?

Lilith with ahegao art master ZOL at the helm are back with an eye wrenching, tong sloppy female training eroge and everything is pretty much business as usual. The story is pretty much straight forward and nothing out of the ordinary. It is a eroge to please fans of the genre. Art is very well done, the ahegao is very graphic and the level of grotesque is reached many times. Main female hero Fujisaki Ai is sexy as hell and the supporting characters are also nice, the mature ones could have had a little more exposure. I felt that the game had a little too much focus on training machines, I would have liked to see a little more diversity to the training, but someone with a fetish for these things should have a field day with this game. Sound, is as expected from a Lilith game, intense and excellent

Score: 7/10
ZOL's art is really nice and I am happy that he has returned. The game itself feels like a mid-tier Lilith game. Nothing that really stands out, but still has plenty of quality to it.

DL-Getchu Link

News: Early info on next Lilith game

If you read Liliths' blog and read news on their homepage you wont see any info on the next titles that are going to be released in spring. However, Getchu has just uploaded info on Liliths next game. The title is のぶしと黒IZM which means Nobushito Black IZM. You obviously do not have to be genius to figure out that this IZM title will feature the art from Nobushito's Black Lilith titles. There is also a special edition 4-CD package called Black Box-edition, what extra this will contain is not yet know, but it will cost almost twice as much as the regular edition. Getchu even gives us the releases date which is happening April 27.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Review: Marriage Blue

Team Bitters are continuing their brand fetish of quality NTR and Netori eroge with their newest title Marriage Blue.

Sayaka and protagonist Masaharu meet during their first year in college. She is an outgoing and sweet girl who is a member of the stage acting club. He is an average but innocent guy who has no real ambition except to be with the girl he likes. Masaharu joins the stage acting club as a prop man who works behind the scenes. During the years both Sayaka and Masaharu studies and works in the club together and a bond between them is formed. Six years later they are living together. Sayaka is now a teacher at a high school and also the one responsible for the schools acting club. Masaharu works as a office man for a large company.

They have been together for a long time and Masaharu is finally ready to ask Sayaka to marry him. But things are about to take an unexpected turn. There are many dangers of emotional uncertainty luring in the background. A dashing collage friend of both Sayaka and Masaharu with a hunting personality and a lust for Sayaka since their college days are their wedding planner. A divorced high school teacher comforts her uncertainty while secretly admires her. A young high school boy and member of the acting club adores her beyond the normal student teacher relationship. A step father secretly wants to degenerate her. Things can go wrong very easily and the wedding is only a couple of months away. Will Sayaka and Masaharu love remain or will she succumb to the desires of other men?

In a NTR game, story and scenario is everything, even more important than art and sound. Team Bitters have a good history with NTR games, but something they always seem to lack in their great storylines are execution. While I do like the storyline setup for most paths in this game the general pace and follow-through of these stories fall a little short. Some paths are obviously more thorough in development than others which makes the game seem unfinished or unpolished. Some pathways only require one choice to play out the entire storyline while others gives you multiple endings depending the "blue indicator" a game function which measures the amount of "blue" or uncertainty Sayaka has towards the protagonist.

The game has some functions that will keep you generally interested in the story choices you make. There is a "spot" system that freezes a background and makes you search for clues on Sayakas infidelity, but these are rather few and most of them will only lead to a straight path towards one of the male antagonists. The blue meter I mentioned before is only available for some of the male character paths, it is activated through in game choices and the higher it is the more uncertain Sayaka is on the relationship and drawn towards the others males. Both these functions are good, they contribute to the game in a good fashion, but they do not feel overly necessary because of their inconsistent appearances in the story.

Another thing that kind of bothers me with this game is that it is not pure NTR, actually, the majority of the game is netori, with Sayaka's point of view as the main drive behind the story. I do not demand that a game should be pure NTR, but when marketing this as a NTR game then the story should reflect that instead of focusing a majority of the h-scenes from a netori point of view. Overall this game has a great story, it has something for everybody and the actually NTR is pretty good. It will satisfy most people who are looking for a heartbreaking experience.

Art is by Sky House, an artist who is no stranger to be the lead artist for major eroge companies and has been in the business since the late 90s. His style has evolved enormously during the last ten years and he is now one of the most popular contracted graphic designers in the business. I like his style, it is sort of a soft traditional manga art style that do not exaggerate the big eyes small nose style. He is not as traditional as many artist and can do both soft and hardcore ahegao when the scene demands it. Marriage Blue has a lot of these scenes, perhaps not the most hardcore ahegao, but still, his artistic variety is very prominent in this game.

I really like the character design. Sayaka is very balanced as a character and should appeal to most people who do not have a hardcore loli or obasan complex. She might be in the risk zone of being a little too in the middle, but she is still sexy, mature enough, young enough and the feeling of her being a little casual is good when you see her fall from innocence and degenerate behind the protagonist back. As for the males, the variety is very good. In NTR the males actually have a important role and I feel that Team Bitter has written a good diverse set of characters that any man playing can relate to.

When it comes to sound the game excels from most games. The soundtrack is excellent, with many different tracks that mirrors Sayakas feelings and the story scenarios. Sayaka herself is played by talented voice actress Ariga Momo who has done many great roles in the past, most recently she played the main female hero Kisaragi in Lune's Ghost in the Shell look alike game Dennou shinpan Kisaragi sanjikan. She has a very good variety in her voice, playing the traditional innocent girl to the sexy vulgar type kind of woman. She is somewhat of an ideal actress to play this kind of a part. But Ariga Momo is not alone, this game also has all the male antagonists having voices which might be a turn off for some, but I feel that this raises the quality of the game much more.

Score: 8/10
Marriage Blue is absolutely smacked with quality, something we have come to expect from Team Bitters. The multiple storylines are mostly good, scenarios are well written and diverse, characters are exciting and compelling, the artwork is solid and very well done with a ton of CG scenes and sound and voice are excellent. The only thing that brings it down is the overall execution and that some paths and choices in the game feel more prioritized or down played than other. Game mechanics with the spot system and blue meter could have had a more prominent role in the game thus making it feel more NTR-like and the main focus should have been on Masaharu instead of Sayaka. But overall this is a very good game that will please a wide variety of ero gamers.

Friday, March 9, 2012

News: Second teaser pic of Barbershop Aunt

Guilty released a captivating teaser picture about three months ago of a mature lady and the title Tokoyo no Obasan, which translates to Barbershop Aunt. Now we get a second and this time we can read on the picture that it is indeed the talented Takasugi Kou that is the lead artist behind this game. Something that probably will set most of the eroge world on fire, since his art is so damn hot! The background art gives me a odd feeling of nostalgia. No release date, story, character info etc. is yet unknown. I can hardly wait to learn more about this exciting new title in the months to come.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mini-Review: Big breasts! Big ass! Female diver aunt

Original Title: 爆乳!デカ尻!海女叔母さん
Romanji Title: Bankunyuu! Dekajiri! Ama Oba-san
Translated Title: Big breasts! Big ass! Female diver aunt
Company: Studio Pork
Artwork: ?
Writer: ?

When the Shinichi was 10 his mother died and he moved away from his Island home to live with his father on the main land. Now five years later he returns to visit his aunt Mariko and her family. She works as a clam fish diver and is accustomed to walk around with see through diving attire like many who work as divers on the Island. This sparks Shinichi's lust for his 38 year old aunt who despite her age and years of hard work still looks sexy. After he confesses to Mariko with a deep passionate kiss a secret relationship between them starts. Mariko is married and has a teenage daughter just a couple of years older than Shinichi, believing she is too old for him she first thinks they are just fooling around, but things deepen beyond her wildest imagination.

This story offers a slice of life love affair that I real like, it is not complicated and even though the game is rather short it is a sweet and erotic journey between the characters. I like Mariko's plump work woman design, it is natural but still sexy. the age play between them in combination with the blossoming love and the taboo secret is very nice. The voice actress is very good, providing a sweet mature voice. Artwork is surprisingly good for a small doujin game, there is light ahegao in it which is nice. The developer is called Studio Pork, and there is no reference to the artist that I have found yet.

Score: 6/10
As a stand alone doujin game this is a 6/10, but this game will more than satisfy the one who looks for a straight shota love story.

DMM-Dl Site

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Some thoughts about reviews and such

I have thought about introducing some new elements to the blog. Regular visitors are probably aware that reviews are rather far apart and even though news are always nice to get they are not in abundance and it can also be days or even weeks before I update. I am currently working a pretty hectic job which requires me to be away and dedicate myself more than before. This makes both playing eroge and writing about it rather hard as it is a time consuming hobby. In combination with my social life (yes, I actually have one) (^_^) and other things, time is very short. I wish that I could write about every game I played, but with the current situation I simply do not have the time to do so. Therefore I am thinking of implementing a mini-review format. In essence it is a short review with a small description, some thoughts and a grade. It will obviously not be the informative text I write in my regular reviews, but at least it will give you a hint about what the game is about and what my thoughts are on it in general.

This does not mean that my regular reviews are going to stop, there will still be the traditional 2000 word rants in the future (currently working on the Marriage Blue review :). I also have some other plans that I may do in the future, but I will begin with this mini-review format as a start.

Monday, March 5, 2012

News: Orcsoft teases with obasan game

Orcsoft have released a teaser picture of a new game which feature a lovely mature lady. Information is sparse, but from the text and the picture it seems to be about a late 30 early 40 something woman who is a widow and temporary housing a young boy. The writer is the always awesome okomeman and artwork seems to be from A-10, the same artist behind Autobahns Hookerstick games. I have a strong suspicion that this artist might be a pseudonym for Vouge or perhaps another known artist, might even be a collaboration of some sort, but I have no concret evidence for that.

The game is set to be released this spring, probably in late April. More news on this as we move into the coming weeks.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

News: Liliths new light game

This update has been long overdue. About two weeks ago with the release of Liliths new game Haganekara no Ai they also released info on their next game. This is going to be a light game with Aoi Nagisa handling the artwork. This upcoming game have the title Kasshoku Anameito - Momoshiri musume wo daseru , translated to Dark skinned anal mate - The tense girl is degenerated. The story seems to be set in an alternate present day timeline with the exception that many historical things have been changes after the discovery of the Americas. Europe is a place of mystical creatures and magic and many different factions and conflicts has occured during the past hundred years. The story seem to be like many Lilith products, over the top and not really important to the local story, but a nice background to set the things into context. The essence of the game though is located on a high school and with two browned skinned female heroes and a couple of teachers, one of the teachers the protagonist has a fetish for brow skinned girls butts.

Yesterday Lilith also released character description, story and the first round of CGs. The game is going to be released Friday March 23 and cost about 2300 yen.